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November 07 2015


Kreasi Bikin Kue Semprit Sendiri Mudah

Kreasi Bikin Kue Semprit Sendiri Mudah - Not only that, yet again a natural substance that can be found in the kitchen can also make a way to overcome back pain during menstruation. One is by eating turmeric. Take turmeric acid with routine as turmeric contains anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain and inflammation as a problem of your back pain during menstruation.

You also can cope with back pain during menstruation with warm drinks. But avoid hot beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate. Because these three warm drink contains caffeine which will only add to your pain. Make a warm drink of ginger, or you can also add with milk and honey for emnambah sense that increasingly favors.

Although it sounds a little bit weird and a layman, but a recent study says if the cheese turned out to contain useful as a way to whiten teeth. According alerts wikihow.com page if you eat cheese after eating the cheese will also assist in the process of protecting the teeth against some of the content of the dangers of food. Of course you can try yes ladies.

Eating cheese after meals may also help protect teeth from tooth decay process food when you are attacked by harmful bacteria as the main cause of tooth decay. Every time you finish eating, of course there is always a risk of the existence of bacteria left behind, the bacterium that causes food spoilage.

Bahan Dari Kroket Kentang Paling Gurih

Bahan Dari Kroket Kentang Paling Gurih - On page alerts vemale.com, actual underarm darkening of the skin caused by dead skin that you can overcome by scrubbing using potatoes. The trick is very easy, cut the potatoes into thin then rub on your armpits blackened. Use the potatoes as a natural mask on your armpit problem.

How to cope with back pain during menstruation first is to consume lots of water. Water is one easy way to overcome a variety of menstrual symptoms that often sucks. Not only consume water only, instead of body fluid you can also get the water intake of fruits and fresh vegetables.

When you're working, back pain will certainly be easier you recognize and feel. Therefore if you experience it in the midst of your working hours. Then you should immediately realize and berhentiah a moment to relax and rest. You can also give a light massage on your back and lay down paa chair or any soft so that your back pain will subside.

October 11 2015


Tips Masak Pisang Goreng Tepung Crispy

Tips Masak Pisang Goreng Tepung Crispy - Indeed, here we will not get enough there to discuss a recipe-based seafood. In addition to good taste when processed, seafood is indeed very easy for us to get, but does have a price a little expensive when compared to vegetables. Of course seafood has a delicious flavor as processed spices that fit. For this type of seafood that we'll use this time is squid. Squid we made here will be excellent cuisine that is the way made into stir-fried squid which has a spicy flavor savory.

The squid is known to have a unique shape and taste delicious when eaten. It looks like you will not be disappointed with squid recipe this one because squid including healthy food for our bodies. Okay, just let's make the following recipe. Healthy food is much favored by all people msyarakat one of them is sautéed mustard greens. Sautéed mustard is a food that can dijaduikan as a side dish for a meal in your family. These foods are also included in the group of healthy foods so it is fit for consumption because it is made from basic ingredients, namely fresh vegetables green cabbage.

To create a recipe that is certainly you do not need a very long time for a quick, easy soft mustard. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber is widely available in the market at low prices so as to enable you to get it. green cabbage does have a slightly bitter taste, but this vegetable is much-loved by everyone because it has a delicious flavor when it has been treated with a mix of a variety of spices. However, to make sautéed mustard greens is not complicated and not too much use of spices but still has a savory taste.

Tips Bikin Bakwan Jagung Tanpa Telur

Tips Bikin Bakwan Jagung Tanpa Telur - know a crispy snack that has a savory taste and also has a very crisp texture. This crispy know much preferred because it has good taste is also only at a price which is quite affordable. This crispy know there are usually many dipedagang curb or street vendors. In addition to good taste, snack this one is very easy to get. However, these foods can also make your own in a way that is easy as well with a material that is easily obtainable. Crispy Tofu made from basic materials out sumedang then diaolah with spices that fit so good food jadilan called out crispy.

Can accompany crispy know when you're hanging with friends, family or while you're watching TV. In addition, the snack food can also be used as a preparation while traveling. Want to know how the manufacturing process ..? Please refer to the following recipe is very easy and simple. For those of you who want to serve food or snacks that are very special to your family, please try to make the mortar with a cake recipe that we'll share this good then on. This time we will make a traditional cake snacks are included in the class of wet cake.

The wet cake is certainly the one you also have heard since this cake banyk favored because of its soft texture. Mortar pandan cake is a recipe that will be distributed to you all this time. Mortar pandan cake is a moist cake that is very easy for us though. This cake is easy to our own, but there are many among you who are still buying each others but not necessarily maintain the quality of cleanliness and health. To that end, we invite you to make a cake mortar with the processed own hands in order to have the appropriate taste and also has the best quality.

August 17 2015


Masak Pancake Dengan Rasa Durian

Masak Pancake Dengan Rasa Durian - Rawon is one form of stew meat dishes with typical seasonings, namely with a mixture kluwek. Okey straight out, rather than wait until celometan me hungry, more you straight to the kitchen and immediately try this recipe rawon.

In the article the recipe how to make rendang, I never told me that my mother is a seller and rendang dishes of meat and potatoes is one of the dishes were quite sold out. In addition, there is also a recipe that does not lose his best-selling, ie rawon.

Warm rice soup accompanied rawon very tasty. To complement, you can use salted egg, bean sprouts, crackers or the other, according to your taste. If I still quite bean sprouts, as long as there are chili tration is ready to accompany. Consider also some recipes I have shared before.

Furthermore, cooking meat using low heat until the meat is really tender. If you have a pressure cooker, you can use it. By moving results stir earlier in the pan, then presto until the meat is tender. Boil 1.4 liters of water to the boil, then add it to stir the meat which has been padded earlier. Add pepper, then simmer back. As usual, sample before on serve. If it's been really fit, serve and rawon was already ready to eat with loved ones.

Masak Brownies Kukus Khas Banjarmasin

Masak Brownies Kukus Khas Banjarmasin - Speaking of the yellow rice, one of the typical Indonesian food is very popular and has touched the entire archipelago. Therefore, do not be surprised if a lot of people are looking for recipes typical of Indonesia this one. If it is boiling, add the coconut milk into rice seasoning earlier. Use a sieve to take water only. Then add too clove, lemongrass, and bay leaves, and stir until well blended.

Previously I've shared the recipe how to make special fried rice with a delicious taste. And the recipe I will share today is, the recipe how to make yellow rice with images supporting at every step. First of all, puree turmeric, onion, garlic, and hazelnut first, then stir-fry until fragrant. Next, add the coconut milk well, then cook until boiling.

Ordinary anyway if in my hometown, yellow rice served with tofu bali regular and fried chilli tampe. Maybe you live in a yellow rice served with complementary rather different. After that, steamed roughly about 15 minutes or until done. You can also use the rice cooker for mengukusnya. Next, add water to the rice to touch the tip of a finger on the surface of the rice. While continuing to stir, and cook until the water meniris.
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